Grow a profitable, competitive & ethical R&D service

Protect your clients, win new business & prepare claims with confidence using our R&D training platform, expert support and helpline.

Why invest in R&D tax relief training?


Spot more opportunities

The more you know about eligibility, the easier you can identify strong candidates for your R&D service.


Make accurate claims

Learn to interpret HMRC’s guidance, so your claims will align with the rules of the scheme.


Increase confidence

With more certainty on the rules, you can pitch to new clients and retain current ones more easily.


Broaden knowledge

Learn more about all aspects of the R&D scheme so you can make claims for a wider range of clients.


Avoid HMRC enquiries

Minimise the risk of Compliance Check by learning how to follow best practice.


Scale your R&D Service

Easily manage & monitor your team’s learning so you can expand your service with full confidence.

For Accountants and Consultants

The most comprehensive R&D training resource on the market

It’s hard to grow a profitable, competitive & ethical R&D service if you aren’t confident in the claims you’re submitting. HMRC’s guidance on the Tax Relief programme is so generic and subjective that it’s difficult to know if you’re interpreting it correctly and giving your clients good advice.

Whatever your role is in preparing R&D claims for your clients, what you need is clear and impartial training and support that breaks down the guidance and shows you how to apply it to your clients.

Support for R&D tax advisers


R&D Helpline

Sometimes all you need is a quick answer or to run something by an expert. Our Helpline service means you can pick up the phone or drop us an email whenever you’re stuck on part of a claim or Compliance Check.

We’ll get back to you quickly with an answer, and let you know what resources or support can help you keep making progress.


Claim Support

When you’re dealing with a borderline or complex claim, or a Compliance Check, it really helps to have additional expertise to fall back on.

As a member, you can access our hourly rate support service to help you with specific R&D-related tasks outside your comfort zone while you are still developing your expertise.

Our Philosophy

Raising standards in R&D tax relief

We’ve had enough of the good guys being the underdogs of R&D tax relief. When advisors take standards and ethics seriously, that should be a compelling selling point, not a disadvantage!

Our philosophy is to share our knowledge and help as many compliance-minded R&D advisors as possible. The more knowledge we share with you, our members, the harder it is for R&D cowboys to win business at your or your clients’ expense.

Like you, we want to see higher standards in the R&D market. That means more transparency, accountability and training – and ultimately regulation.


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