Qualifying Leads for R&D Tax Relief


With HMRC now applying a much higher standard of scrutiny than it did in the past, it’s increasingly important to be careful about the types of clients and claims you take on. Being selective about your clients is crucial to maintaining high standards and staying on the right side of HMRC.

The course is structured as a series of short videos, with a brief quiz after each one, to test your knowledge.

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Course Outcomes

In this course we cover:

  • The basic screening checks that you should ask every prospect,
  • Competent Professionals and the information you need to get from them,
  • Why grants and subcontracting arrangements can affect a claim’s risk level,
  • The 5 different R&D schemes and what companies can expect back from each,
  • Tips on how to reject clients diplomatically.

01: Introduction

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04: Competent Professionals

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In this video we’ll explain what is meant by ‘Competent Professional’ when it comes to R&D Tax Relief, and how to determine if your prospective client has one who can support their claim.

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