Our Philosophy

Our Mission

We seek to achieve our vision by giving compliance-minded R&D professionals the knowledge, support and recognition they need to prosper in a highly competitive market.

We will give advisors access to specialist training, a certification programme, help, support and other member benefits.

Our Vision

We envision a fair and functional R&D consultancy market in which all advisors are knowledgeable, competent, and ethical.

We want to see a market in which a desire to do things properly isn’t a competitive disadvantage – it’s a compelling selling point that wins you business, safeguards your clients and protects the longevity of your R&D service.

Our Philosophy

Why we exist

R&D tax relief can be challenging.

It’s difficult to pin down exactly what constitutes R&D for tax purposes, and too many aggressive claims companies prioritise fees over compliance.

Many honest providers want to distance themselves from these less reputable advisors. They’re looking for somewhere they can get help with developing their knowledge and growing their R&D service in a sustainable and ethical way.

Our Roadmap

Training Catalogue

We already have hours of video-based courses, and are constantly adding more. Our training plan covers not only the R&D scheme, but Eligibility Guides that explain what R&D looks like in a range of industry sectors.

Explore our existing course catalogue

Certification programme

Once we have build out our core package of training courses, these will form the basis of the UK’s first certification for R&D advisors. We are consulting with a working group of members to make sure this certification is fit for purpose.

Learn more about our certification plans

HMRC Consultation

We already canvas members to represent their views to HMRC. We’d like to go beyond this and work with HMRC towards positive change in the scheme, so that good practice is rewarded and poor providers aren’t.

See our recent consultation response

Additional Support

As we grow, we’ll invest in additional technical experts to help us build training, run webinars and run our R&D Helpline and Claim Support services. We’ll select the best people, so you get the best support possible.

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