What do our members believe?

The R&D Community is for you if ...

High standards

You believe in doing the best you can for your clients by applying the rules of the R&D scheme as fairly and accurately as you can.

Ethical submissions

Where there is a trade-off between fees and accuracy, you side with accuracy even when this leaves you worse off. When companies aren’t eligible, you are up-front in explaining the reasons why.

Continuing education

You believe in staying current and in developing your professional knowledge. You invest time in training courses to become as knowledgeable as you can, so that you can give your clients the best possible advice.

Market self-regulation

You believe that standards in R&D tax relief need to be higher. You seek to participate in HMRC’s R&D consultations, to help us lobby for positive change in the industry.

Your Provider

If you’ve followed this link from your provider’s email signature, then congratulations, that means you’re working with an excellent R&D advisor who is just as committed to these values as we are!

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