Here we’ll take a look at the key features of our training courses, materials, and platform so that you can make a fully informed decision about whether it’s right for you and your team.

Bite-sized, digestible training courses

Our core topics are all covered in detail in our training courses, and we’re working on new ones all the time.

You can always take a look at our Course Catalogue to get the most up-to-date information about our current courses. If you sign up to our newsletter, you’ll also be notified when we release new training materials.

Courses are video-based and made up of bite-sized units, with multiple-choice assessments to help you check your understanding along the way. This makes it easy for you and your team to fit training in around your other priorities. Because key information is covered in short videos, it’s easy to go back to a particular point that you wanted to review – there’s no need to sit through an entire recorded webinar just for a quick refresher.

There are courses on different subjects and at different levels, meaning junior and senior, technical and non-technical staff all have access to useful, relevant training. Whether you’re getting your sales team involved in training, or encouraging your team of experts to stay up-to-date, there are courses for everyone. And if there’s a particular subject or level that you need which we haven’t covered yet, get in touch and let us know! We’re working hard to build new courses as quickly and accurately as we can to support our growing community of members in every way they need.

Team tools and reports

Our training academy allows you to easily see your own progress through the courses, and you can also view data and reports for your entire team. We create a secure, dedicated portal just for you, so your team leaders can oversee what everyone’s doing without worrying that anyone else could get access to your private information.

Our monthly membership fee includes two users to get you started, but you can also register additional users when you join or at a later date. Take a look at our membership details and pricing. Any time you want to add new seats, you can contact our Community Manager who will upgrade your subscription. You can add and remove users as often as you want to, and if you’re replacing an old team member with a new one, you can do that quickly and easily within the platform.

When you create your subscription, you select one person to be the Lead on your team. That person can not only take the training themselves, they can also view the progress of each team member, download reports, and set up regular email reporting. We show you how to do all these tasks in your onboarding session, and all the instructions are inside the User Manual for easy reference. If you need to have more than one Lead in the team, we can upgrade another user for free. We can even create individual reports, so that a supervisor can monitor direct staff without being able to access the whole team’s data. It’s all very flexible!

Webinars and other resources

Our training courses are the core of our academy, but you’ll also have access to recordings of every webinar we’ve held for members. We use these to hold discussions, share updates, or offer more interactive training when required.
As a member you’ll be invited to attend our upcoming webinars– we hold one most months, depending on industry changes and what members are asking for.

Alongside the webinars you can also find further resources, like key documentation and downloadable tools and templates. These tools help you stay up-to-date and apply your new knowledge to the real-life claims in front of you.


As we put together our training academy, we have a bigger picture plan that we’re working towards. We’re designing the training courses to fit together as the core of a new, industry-first qualification in R&D Tax Relief. We’ve often heard from our members and others in the industry that they’re desperate for something like this. This will clearly show SMEs that you’re committed to high standards and well educated on the R&D tax relief scheme.

We’re developing the certification standard in collaboration with our members, and we’ll be ‘beta testing’ it with them before we publicise the new certification more broadly. Read more about our plans for the certification.

Final thoughts

As we shared in our Guide to Support and Training for R&D Tax Relief Advisors, the availability of high quality R&D training is incredibly thin. We truly believe that the training we have on offer is the best on the market, and we want to make it available to as many advisors as possible as part of our mission to improve standards across the industry. In our view, there needs to be much more consensus between advisors on what’s reasonable to claim, and what’s pushing the boundaries.

If you’re interested in joining, you can take a look at all the membership features and sign up to get access today!