To save you some time searching, we’ve pulled together a list of 6 free options to get you started. We’re sharing these links for information, but bear in mind, we don’t own or monitor the content!

Free guides and knowledge banks

If you’re happy for your CPD hours to be unverified, you can learn a lot by reading free materials available online.

Forrest Brown have a knowledge bank, aimed at businesses, rather than accountants, which answers a lot of basic questions about R&D tax relief.

You can find free downloadable guides on AccountingWeb (search “R&D”).

We also have lots of free resources on The R&D Community website.

Free webinars and training courses

Some R&D consultancies and software providers offer free webinars aimed either at businesses or accountants.

R&D Tax, a consultancy firm, have a free, pre-recorded webinar for accountants and business, which you can watch on their website. It’s called Cash for Creativity: Claiming Back Development Costs With R&D Tax Credits. Some of the information is a little out of date, as it was recorded in 2019, so make sure you check what’s changed in the R&D scheme since then.

WhisperClaims, who provide software for preparing R&D claims, offer a free live webinar called How to prepare legitimate R&D tax claims for your Clients & HMRC. You can find the date of the next one on their website.

We offer a free course, An Introduction to R&D Tax Relief, on our training platform, which is aimed at accountants and advisors preparing claims on behalf of clients. It’s available on demand and includes short videos and assessments so you can test what you’re learning as you go along.

Ready to upgrade?

At a certain point, the free options aren’t going to meet your needs anymore.

When that happens, take a look at our training catalogue, to see what else you could discover!