How to Build Strong Ethics & Good Marketing Practice into your R&D Service


With HMRC ramping up its compliance efforts, what you saying in marketing your R&D service has never been more important. As the market shifts towards making more conservative claims, SMEs are also increasingly looking for advisors they deem to be competent, responsible and ethical – rather than those that charge the least or make the biggest promises.

But what does good marketing look like in practice? And how can you make sure that you’re on the level and giving prospective clients the information they need in a clear and ethical manner? In this module we cover the key ethical standards that apply to you when preparing R&D claims, and good and bad practice in marketing your service.

Course Outcomes

This course will:

  • Explain HMRC’s Standard for Agents & PCRT, and how those apply to you when preparing R&D claims
  • Provide practical tips on how to centre your R&D service on your ethics, and the business benefits that this brings
  • Discuss good and bad practice when talking the R&D scheme, your service, your customers, and your relationship with HMRC.

It contains 13 videos, and 12 assessments totalling 66 questions to test your understanding. It should take around 60-90 minutes to complete.

01: Introduction

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2: HMRC's Standards for Agents and PCRT

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This video explains the standards the HMRC sets for Agents and PCRT.