Subcontracting: The rules & how they're applied in practice

About the course

Description & Aims

Subcontracting is one of the most complex parts of the R&D scheme. Not only are there lots of rules about which companies can claim under which scheme, but HMRC’s approach can be quite different to what you might expect.

After taking this course, you’ll understand not only the rules of subcontracting, but will have a greater awareness of how these can be applied in practice.

This will help you to avoid making problematic or weak claims, and to work out whether the claim belongs to the subcontractor or the company commissioning the work.


In this course we cover:

  • The rules for an SME subcontracting all or part of its R&D
  • The rules for connected subcontractors
  • What makes companies connected
  • The problem of ‘double-dipping’, and HMRC’s approach to avoiding it
  • Contracts, activities vs services, and routine work
  • The rules for Large Companies

The course is structured as a series of short videos, with a brief quiz after each one, to test your knowledge.

01: Introduction

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02: HMRC’s current approach to subcontracting

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This video provides an overview of the two most common subcontracting scenarios relating to your R&D clients, and how HMRC views them.

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